I don’t call myself a writer, I just love writing… I have read so many people around that, I feel I am nowhere close.. so If you still feels that you like this blog or me then you’re quite generous ! Thanks 🙂

After a long time in my life, I realized that most of the times when I am looking for someone or trying to know about someone, I must have started liking the person at the first place and then trying to know something about them …

Well supposing that you’ve started liking this place or me, then this is definitely a very pleasing moment for me. So please please don’t forget to put a comment so that I come to know about a little about you 🙂

and trust me that’s the best feeling you can get by knowing a person so well that to in the first meeting :)…



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  1. Looks like you’ve holding back a lot of what used to be you. Whoever this person is that you so miss and long for, I’m sure must feel the pangs with each of your heartbeats, just like you do.
    Your space is fresh, new and I hope you fill it with many of your writings, and that they make you feel happy.
    With love, Asha.

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